What is the Fashion Cloud API?

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With the Fashion Cloud API you can automatically access many of the Fashion Cloud functions and transfer and use data from our system to yours. API stands for Application Programming Interface and means that your system can communicate and exchange data with our system automatically.

Examples of use

Automatic product images in your online store or ERP system

With the Fashion Cloud API, your online store or/and your ERP system can connect to ours and automatically retrieve the appropriate product images for the products stored in your systems and assign them to them.

These images can then be displayed by you, for example, in the ERP system at the checkout or can also be used in the online store.

Automatic product data

Not only the product images can be downloaded via the Fashion Cloud API, but also the corresponding product data. You can then use the product data such as colours, sizes, BTE keys, materials, descriptions and many more attributes in your ERP system and have your own data automatically enriched or transferred directly to the online store.

All continuously increasing attributes can be found in the detailed documentation!

Check prices & stocks with the brand and place your order

Simply query the brand's stock levels within your ERP system and order directly if needed.

Where can I find detailed documentation of the API?

Once you have booked the API with us, you will find more articles about the API as well as detailed documentation here in the Fashion Cloud Help Center.

We are happy to provide you with the documentation in advance, just send us a message in the chat and we will get back to you immediately!

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