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How do I manage the user roles of my team as a brand?

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  1. To edit the rights of the individual users you must access the team page by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. In this view you can see the users listed on the left and the role of said user on the right.

  2. You can now see which role the user currently has. By clicking on the right button, a directory opens in which the different roles are shown.

  3. The different roles determine the usability of the user. Now you can decide which access and application rights the user has. Just click on your desired role and assign it to him.

  4. The change of the user rights is now automatically saved for the user. If you want to change them again, repeat these steps.

Overview of the rights




The viewer can only view content but can't download images.


The member can only download materials, but cannot make any other changes. This role is suitable for participating agencies, for example.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager has the same rights as the Member. In addition, however, this person can also upload and edit marketing materials.

Rights manager

The Access Manager can additionally enable or disable merchants in the access control. This day-to-day task should be performed by a person who is always available and can respond quickly to merchant requests.

Content Manager

In addition to access management, the content manager is also responsible for uploading and deleting marketing material.

Brand Manager

In addition to these tasks, the Brand Manager can also add brands and manage descriptions for them.

Sales manager

The sales manager can download content, order and edit access rights.

Sales agent

The Sales agent can download content and order.


The Admin has complete rights and can also change user roles and company data.

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