1. To create a brand go to BRANDS in the menu bar and click on Create a new brand.

  2. Set a Brand name and upload your Brand logo as an .eps, .svg or .pdf file. Additionally you can upload a Brand banner in .jpg or .png format. Add a General contact person and a Contact person for access requests from retailers.

  3. Further you can select multiple Categories for your brand. This will be relevant for filtering options on retailer side. Here, you can also specify Price Positioning for your brand.

  4. In your Brand description, the following should be included:

    1. What style does the brand represent?

    2. Is the brand a product specialist or an outfitter?

    3. Where is the brand from and what is its history?

    4. What is the target group?

  5. Clicking Create brand will make your brand visible on Fashion Cloud.

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