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How to set up or edit a brand, add a brand description and upload logo and banner

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  1. To create or edit a brand click on the gear icon on the top right.

    Select Brand Profiles in the sub menu.

    Now, click on Create New Brand or select an existing brand to edit it.

  2. Set a Brand name and upload your Brand logo as an .eps, .svg or .pdf file. Additionally you can upload a Brand banner in .jpg or .png format.

  3. Further you can select multiple *Segments for your brand.

    This will be relevant for filtering options on retailer side.

    Here, you can specify *Price Level for your brand and you are able to upload Looksbooks and of course add your Brand Description.

  4. For an optiomal brand presentation you should upload a Promo Image Promo Image in a square format and without logo.

  5. In your Brand description, the following should be included:

    1. What style does the brand represent?

    2. Is the brand a product specialist or an outfitter?

    3. Where is the brand from and what is its history?

    4. What is the target group?

  6. Please add a *General contact person and if you want a *Sustainability Contact

    *These will be displayed to the retailer as the general contact persons for the related topic on the platform.

  7. If relevant for your brand, you can also share various additional sustainability information with your retailers, such as brand-specific / organisational memberships, certificates, Website, Reports and Initiatives.

  8. To set the edit changes live for an existing brand click Save.

    Note: If you have created a New Brand, please contact your account manager at Fashion Cloud so that he can activate it finally on the platform.

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