If your sign-up request was rejected even though you have a relevant reason to be on the platform, it can be for two reasons.

You can find out which one it is in your case by reading the email we sent you.

  1. Your company already has a Fashion Cloud account

    Have a Fashion Cloud admin from your team invite you to join the account you already have. Basically, we will send an email to the responsible person in the course of the rejection, with the information that you tried to register.

    However, if you do not receive an invitation in the near future, do not hesitate to contact us if you do not know who manages the Fashion Cloud account in your company.You do this via the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

    If your admin does not know how to invite a person to the account, please read this article.

  2. We could not yet identify your company from your details

    If you received an email stating that we could not track your need for an account, we were unable to verify your organization.

    Please provide us with more information about your organization and we will confirm your registration.
    For example, a URL link that leads to your company website or to an entry in a business directory would be helpful.

    Write us also for this via the chat icon on the bottom right. Please mention which mail address, person or company it is about. This way we can process your request as fast and targeted as possible.

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