What is Smart Replenishment?
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At Fashion Cloud we are aware that the wholesale industry is increasingly shifting from Preorder to Reorder. Well-functioning in-season management is a clear competitive advantage for both brands and retailers. Smart Replenishment makes it easy to identify top sellers early and to make items available at all times.


For that we design processes to be collaborative: On both retailer and brand side there are tools that engage and communicate with each other.

The Auto Restock feature, for example, lets you automate orders based on retailers target inventory levels and available stock on the brand side - this way items are never out-of-stock and in addition to that retailers are able to eliminate the risk of an overstock situation.

With Reorder suggestions, retailers receive automated suggestions based on sales data and availability at the brand.

But automating, optimizing and digitizing processes between brands and retailers and increasing profits are not the only aspects that make Smart Replenishment so special. Further it allows brands and retailers to save resources and reduce a large part of the logistical effort with the help of dynamic adjustments of target stocks in the NOS area.

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