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How can I accept a suggestion?
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On the platform:

  1. Go to ‘Reorder’.

  2. Go to ‘Suggestions’.

  3. Select the suggestion you want to review. Now you can decide to accept or decline.

With the StockUp App:

  1. Download the StockUp App via the App Store on your iPhone.


  2. Login with your credentials from the Fashion Cloud Platform.

  3. Click on the brand you want to view the suggestion for.

  4. If you want to change a suggestion you simply click on the article you want to adjust. You can change the amounts by pressing plus or minus under ‘My order’.

  5. You can delete an article from the suggestion by swiping left and pressing ‘reject’. Warning! The article will remain visible but the amount will be set to ‘0’ and thus won’t be ordered.

  6. Changing the parameters:

    • Click on the brand you want to make the adjustments for (these settings are for this brand specific)

    • Press ‘my preferences’

    • The screen like below will become visible, set the different parameters and click ‘save’.

  7. Scroll down and press ‘order now’ to quickly accept the suggestion.

    If you want to decline the suggestion press ‘decline’ and the order suggestion will disappear from the overview.

    After accepting the suggestion an order will be sent to the brand automatically and you will receive an order confirmation via email.

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