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Order History for Brands
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To find an overview of all orders which retailers have placed for one or more of your brands, select Reorder in the main menu and then Order History in the sub menu. You will also find orders placed by your company for retailers here.

Using the search function, you can search by order number, article number, EAN or GLN to easily find a specific order.

It is also possible to narrow down the search results using the filters "Retailer", "Order Type" and "Order Date".

Our categories help you to view information related to the order:

  • Date: Indicates the date the order was placed.

  • Retailer: Indicates which retailer placed the order.

  • Placed by: Indicates which user placed the order. The letter icon indicates that it is an order placed by a retailer. By clicking the letter icon the customer can be contacted via email.

  • GLN: Global Location Number of the retailer.

  • Type: Indicates which order method was used, e.g. Reorder, Preorder, Clara or Auto Restock. Please note we currently can not make a distinction between orders via Suggestions and Auto Restock. Both order methods will be displayed as "Auto Restock".

  • Brand(s): Indicates which brand(s) are included in the order.

  • Articles(s): Indicates how many articles are included in the order.

Admins of the account can view all orders. Users with the role "Sales Manager" can only see orders placed by them.

Click on an order for more detailed information.

Here you will find all the items associated with the order with their attributes (size, quantity, etc.) as well as the article specific and the total purchase price.

You will also see all the information related to the order, order number, order type, order date, address of the store as well as a Email Retailer-Button to contact the customer who placed the order directly via email.

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