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By clicking on Content in the main menu and selecting Data Quality in the sub menu you will find the Data quality report(s) of your brand(s). We classify the quality of your data in 3 levels:

1. 'Basic'

2. 'E-commerce'

3. 'E-commerce Pro'

We do this to provide you with a picture of where you stand and for you to be able to improve your data quality so that you can reach the next level(s) and make sure your brand sells well on retailers web shops and e-commerce platforms. All the metrics are based on your current season data. If you haven't uploaded your current season yet this data will be based on your NOS articles. Find an overview of the different levels and criteria here.

Now, let's get into the sections of your report.

Data quality report

At the very beginning of your report you will immediately see for which level your data quality currently qualifies. If there is no check mark it means you do not qualify for any of the levels at the moment.

Quality of images

Images are the cornerstone of your data. In this section we show you the average of pictures you are providing per article, plus the level you are currently reaching. Please note that the quality of images is not only determined by the quantity per article but also by diversity and the information you provide f.e. the type of images (front vs back, model vs pack shot).

Your next steps

In this segment we explain the steps you need to take in order to reach the next level of data quality. You can open each rubric by clicking on it.

More details on your data quality

In this section you will find a detailed analysis of your data. You will see what is already great and where you can improve.

If you have specific questions about data quality requirements and how you can push your brand to the next level feel free to reach out to our data team via email:

In the following video you will receive further information about data quality from our Account Manager Greta:

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