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1. To access the brand profiles go to BRANDS in the main menu. Now select the brand you would like to review. You can also utilize the search bar to find brands more easily.

Further, you can access this page via the button "Brand Profile" on the right after choosing your brand in reorder, preorder, marketing material or product images.

2. Once you open the brand profile you will find the brand's logo as well as a short description. You can download the logo by hovering over it and clicking "Download Logo". Additionally you will find Categories the brand is positioned in, its Price Range, a General Contact, a link to its website and the GLN of the brand.

Please note: All information displayed here are filled in by the brands themselves.

  • If you have already connected with the brand you can access their Product Data, Marketing Material, Reorder or Preorder directly from here. Which links you see here depends on the access rights you have been granted by the brand and the Content- and Order-solutions the brand participates in.

  • If you have not connected with the brand yet you will see a "Connect" button to do so on the bottom right of the brand profile.

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