How to create, edit and delete a Collection

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Collections are a useful tool for your brand to group and highlight articles and

present them in a more clustered way to your retailers.

Create a Collection

1. To create a collection, select Reorder in the main menu and Collection Creator in the sub menu. Now select your brand which you would like to create a collection for on the left.

2. Click on New Collection.

3. Add a title and description for your collection and upload a cover image optionally. Click Save to create the collection.

4. Go to your newly created collection. In your collection you can also upload a banner if you would like. Now, click on Add articles.

5. Select one or multiple articles by clicking the + icon on the top right of each image. Utilize the search bar to find your articles more easily via article number or EAN/GTIN. Once you are done, click on Add articles.

6. Finally, use the Publish button to release your collection to the platform and your retailers.

7. If you would like to take the entire collection off the platform again, use the button Unpublish.

Remove Articles from Collection

1. Go to your collection.

2. Hover over the article you would like to remove and click on the trash can icon.

3. Finally, click on Remove.

Edit a Collection

Use this feature to change the name, description or cover image of an existing collection.

1. Click on the three dots on the top right of your collection.

2. Select Edit Collection. Make the desired adjustments and click on Save.

Delete a Collection

1. Click on the three dots on the top right of your collection.

2. Select Delete Collection.

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