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Welcome to the Digital Showroom Kickstart Guide.

In this guide you'll find all the basic steps to get started:

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How to access the Showroom?

  1. Open your browser and go to

  2. To log in, fill in your email address and password and click on 'Continue'

  3. Or, if your company uses SSO (e.g. Azure AD) click on 'Continue with Azure AD'

πŸ’‘On laptop: work from the latest version of Google Chrome or Edge

πŸ’‘On iPad: work from the latest version of Safari

Basic navigation

Now you're in the Showroom! But what do you do now?

First, we'll show you around some of the Showroom's basic functionalities. Let's begin!

Entering the Showroom

When entering the Showroom, you'll land in your presentation overview.

If you have not created your own presentation yet, this page will appear empty. Start creating your own presentation, or duplicate one of your colleague's presentations.

The presentation overview

This is where you will find all your presentations and any presentation created by your colleagues.

You can go to the drop-down menu to view 'All' presentations and duplicate a presentation of one of your colleagues, or create one from scratch. Check out below how you can create a new presentation!

The Showroom launch page

From here, you have access to 4 brand videos to welcome your customer into your brand's world and the collection. Or, dive into your presentation straightaway!

Functionalities in the slide editor


Product context menu

You can perform multiple actions with a product! Click on a product to open up the product context menu, and discover the below actions:

1) Duplicate the product onto the same or another slide

2) Remove the product from the slide (or use your delete button on your keyboard)

3) Move your image to the front/forwards or to the back/backwards

4) Move your product to another slide in the presentation

5) Add quick product information to the slide

6) Add or change a product image

7) Add or change another (color) option

8) View the stock inventory indication of a product (if available)

9) Add a product to the Selection (also known as Shopping Basket)

πŸ’‘ You can perform all actions for multiple products at the same time by multi-selecting products on the slide

Prepare your presentation

Create a new presentation

Go to the bottom right and click on the New Presentation + to create a new presentation, assign all the relevant information and hit Create Presentation.

You are asked to either select a Customer or a Catalog first.
​What does this do?
If you select a Customer first, it will automatically filter down to the Catalogs you can choose for that specific customer and vice versa.

Just choose what you prefer to select first.

Duplicate an existing presentation

Do you have a killer presentation or do you know of some of your colleagues that created one? Just copy that one!

Find that presentation by looking on the name or your colleagues name, click on the β€’β€’β€’, and click on 'Duplicate'.

Add products and marketing content to your presentation

Use the book πŸ“” symbol to the left or the >> to the right to enter the collection. There are different options to add products to the slide:

  • Click on the product picture and click on the slide where you want to place it

  • Click on the + sign on the product and it will be placed in the corner on the slide

  • To add several products at the same time you can use the ⚑️ and all of them will appear on the slide

Add product information to your presentation

No need to manually enter product information to your slides!

Click on a product / multi-select products, and select the 'product information' icon from the menu.

Tick the boxes of the information you'd like to add, and there you go!

Rename, move, duplicate, and remove slides

When in the slides overview, click on the β€’β€’β€’ icon to duplicate, remove, or rename your slides.

Present & Sell

Start a video call (during a remote appointment)

You can use our built-in videoconferencing tool to make sure:

  • The quality of the images and videos remains as high as possible

  • To have your appointment in a single tool, and you don't have to switch tabs between an external videoconferencing tool and the Showroom

How to start a video call in the Showroom?

  1. Generate a video call meeting link to share with your buyer. You can do this from the (A) presentation overview or (B) within a presentation



2. Start your meeting by going into the Video Call feature from the main menu, and click on Start call to meet your buyer!

⚠️ Check your settings and permissions before starting a Video Call:

  • Work from Google Chrome or Edge (laptop) or Safari (iPad)

  • Allow Microphone and Camera access to the Fashion Cloud Showroom in your browser settings

  • Make sure that no other applications are using your camera at the same time

πŸ’‘Share this short checklist with your buyer(s) to make sure they can enter the video call as well

Story selling is key

From the launch page, you have access to your video library! Take your customer into the brand's world, by showing some brand, inspirational, or seasonal videos - before diving into the actual collection.
You can also dive into your presentation straightaway.

The deal is in the details

Double click on a product to dive into its details. Show your customer the product in different colors, from different angles, and zoom in closely.
You'll also have access to product information, sizes, and prices at the click of a button.

Add products to the Selection

Want to add products to the order? Just add them to the Selection by clicking on a product and click on the πŸ›’ button.

Multi-select products, or select all products on a slide and add them in one go to the Selection.

Review your Selection

Are you wondering which products on a slide have been added to the Selection already?
Hit the πŸ‘» button to get a quick overview of what's part of the Selection. Unselected items will be greyed out.

When you go into the Selection tab, you can review your selection with your customers and make tweaks from there.

Manage deliveries

You can optionally manage your deliveries/drops in the Showroom as well, ie. move products to (a) later delivery drop(s).

Draft your order

You have the ability to draft your order already in the Stitch Showroom.

You can enter quantities per SKU to all items that you have added to the Selection, and have preliminary discussions about quantities and budgets during your appointment.
Depending on if there's an existing connection to your order management system, you might be able to send off your draft order to the order management system to finalize and submit your actual order.

Send and/or export your presentation

You can easily generate presentation exports in different formats, that can be send to you and/or your customer's inbox:

  • CSV data

  • Excel

  • PDF Catalog (product images and information)

  • PDF Presentation (overview of your presentation slides)

πŸ’‘ You can choose if you want to include or exclude prices in your exports

πŸ’‘ If an integration has been set up from the Showroom to your order management system, you can directly send your draft order including quantities from the Showroom to your order management system by clicking on Send draft order.

Pro tips

How to quickly search and add products to your presentation?

You can search for and add a long list of products to your presentation. Utilize the search function, and easily paste in a large list of codes and retrieve the corresponding results. This method will save you time and effort when working with extensive product code lists.
Pay close attention to the steps and try it out for yourself!

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