How can I edit a suggestion?
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If a suggestion is sent to the retailer, it will remain visible to you. A small symbol appears next to the name of the retailer. This allows you to keep a clear overview of the suggestions you have sent.

  1. Go to 'Reorder' then to 'Suggestions' and select the desired brand on the left. To see the open suggestions, select a retailer whose name is followed by the symbol. You will see that the retailer is checking your suggestion. The date of submission is also visible.

  2. First, click on 'Edit' in the bottom right-hand corner. Now you can select one article at a time and edit the quantity and sizes. In addition to the quantities already sold, you can also see the brand's stock and the retailer's stock.

  3. You also have the option to select additional items. Click on the 'Add article' button, search for the item you want to add and enter the desired quantity.

  4. Of course, you can also delete the entire suggestion or individual items. Simply click on the trash can at the end of the list or next to the individual articles.

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