Before you can start with the Order Area (Re- or Preorder) on Fashion Cloud, you have to set up a store first. To do this, please go to the "Store" in the menu bar to the left and click on "Create new store". Please provide us with the necessary information about the branch you are creating, including the shipping address and a valid phone number.

About the GLN:

If you don't have your own GLN yet, please enter "I don't have my own GLN and want to use a Fashion Cloud GLN" when creating a store. Please inform all your brands about your FC GLN if you choose this option.

If you filled in all the data, please press "Save".

You have multiple branches? No problem, you can create as many branches as you need and can select the matching one during the order process. Under "Stores" you also have an overview of all Stores you already set up.

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