To be able to download Marketing Material you must first connect with your brand on the platform. If you want to learn how to connect with a brand click the following link:

Now that you are set up there are multiple ways to download Marketing Material.

  1. Use the camera icon to download more than one image at once

    First select the images you want to download and add them to the "Downloads" tab by clicking on the camera icon at the top of each image.

    Once you have added the desired images to your downloads, you can open them by clicking on the 'Downloads' tab in the upper right corner.

    Select the desired download size and then click on "Download Images" to download the desired images as a .zip file.

    Please note that the shopping cart is not saved. If you close the website or reload it, the shopping cart will be reset.

  2. Download images individually

    To download images individually, first click on the image you want to download. Choose the desired resolution in the bottom right corner and click on "Add to your downloads".

    Afterwards go to the "Downloads" tab on the top right and proceed as described in point 1.

    It is also possible to add multiple individual images. The pictures will accumulate in your "Downloads" folder until you finally click on "Download Images".

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