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Get to know Clara & test the app
Get to know Clara & test the app

You got a test card to get to know Clara? Here is how to use it.

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The Clara App from Fashion Cloud enables you to quickly reorder missing articles during the sales conversation.

  • Easy order processes: Reorder missing articles with only a few clicks at the POS.

  • Free usage: Use the Clara App on your smartphone or tablet - free of cost.

  • Increased sales: Fulfill more customer wishes and realize additional sales.

This is how you can test Clara for free.

  1. Download App: Download Clara for free from the App store or Google Pay store.

  2. Sign up: Register with your access data. You will find your access data on the card you received from us!

  3. Scan Barcode: From the main menu, tap Scan and hold the camera over the barcode on your card.

  4. Select: The selected article is displayed. Now you can choose the desired color and size!

  5. Order: Finally, you will be able to view the availability and delivery time of your selected article(s). In the next step you can add these articles to your shopping cart.

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