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Start with Clara

Register and set up Clara: Your first steps with the Clara app.

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Have you heard of Clara yet? The use of the Clara App is completely free of charge for you as a retailer. Only the bilateral regulations for reordering and shipping, which you have agreed with your brands, apply. The order itself is transmitted to the brand by Clara and processed as an EDI order.


Working wifi connection on the shop floor

Searching for items and checking delivery availability works online. That’s why a stable Wifi is important for a great user experience and perfect customer service.

Tablet/smartphones for your sales staff (iOS or Android)

Whether Smartphone or Tablet – our app works on both devices. Most of our retailers use a tablet for reordering because it’s easier to enter. Although most resellers provide devices, it would also be possible to use them via the employees’ private devices. It is important that it is an iOS or Android device and that the software on the device is not obsolete.

Valid GLN for the registration of your store

For creating your store, we need a GLN. This number is used to identify your store at your suppliers. If you do not have one, we will provide you with a GLN via our platform. Please note: If you already work with EDI, you already have a GLN. Here is more info on that topic.


1. Create a store in your Fashion Cloud account.

You can do so by clicking on settings in the main menu on our platform. Find the detailed description here.

2. Create a Clara user.

To start using the app you need to first log in to our platform and create Clara users in your settings. Read more about how to create a user here.

3. Download the app.

The app is free of charge for retailers. You can simply download the app in the Apple App Store or Goggle playstore. Then, you are ready to place your first order.

> How to place your first order.

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