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How to use Clara
How to use Clara

How do I use the Clara App

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How to use our Clara app?

Before you can start using Clara you have to create a Clara user on our platform. If you haven’t done so already and need some more information on that step please check this article.

The Welcome Screen

On the welcome screen click on continue till you see the first input field.

The Login

For the login you need your company name, username and password.

You can find your company name on our platform under the menu point “Account”. Please note that you need to write your company name in the same way as stated on the platform in order to have a successful login.

You can find your username under the menu point “Clara Users”. The password can not be viewed on the platform. If you forgot your password please delete your user and create a new one.

Once you start typing in your company name you already get some suggestions from the app that you can choose from by clicking on the tile.

In the next step please add your username and password and then click the “Login” button.

The home screen

The home screen has several different features.

Search bar

On the top of the screen you can see the search bar. Here you can enter an EAN/GTIN, an article number or a name and hit enter. Now you can see a list with all articles from your brands that match your search input under the search bar. Please select the article you want to reorder.

Barcode Scanner

Instead of the manual input search you can also click on the button “Scan barcode”. When you click on this button for the first time the app asks you to give access to the camera. Please click “Ok” and allow the access. We need this to use your camera to read the barcode of your article. If you don’t allow the camera access you cannot use the barcode scanning.

List of brands you can reorder from

Underneath the barcode scanner the app shows you a list of all the brands you can reorder articles from on Clara. If you are missing one of your brands in this list please go to the platform and ask the brand for access under “Brands”.

The product screen

Once you search for an article or scanned a barcode we show you the product screen. Here you can see the brand, name and article number as well as an image if available. Below the article information you can select the color of the article and the size as well as the amount of items you want to order. Once you selected all these items please click on “Add to shopping cart”. This will add the article and redirect you to the shopping cart.

The shopping cart

In the shopping cart you can see all the items that you added since your last order. You can remove an article by clicking on the trash bin icon on the right. On the bottom you can see a summary of how many articles your shopping cart contains and the approximate delivery time.

When you added all articles to the shopping cart and are ready to place your order you can proceed to the checkout by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen.

In the next screen you are asked to provide the customer’s first and last name as well as an email or phone number and optional a customer number. Additionally you can decide if you want to add employee information. If you want to do that, then slide the toggle on the bottom to the right. We ask for this information to allow you to track who the article was ordered for and in case of questions who was the employee ordering this articles.

When you entered all information and are ready to place your order click the “Order now” button. This will open a pop-over to make sure you really want to place the order. If so, please click “Order”. You can also go back and change the articles in the shopping cart again. You know that your order was placed when you see the next screen with our Clara clipart. From here you can go back to Home by clicking on the red button and start a new order.


Under “Orders” you can see all placed orders with information on the order number, brand and date. You can click on an order to see the customer details for this order as well as the ordered articles with color, size and amount ordered.


Under settings you can see your username and change the language of the app. You can also change the status of sharing analytics in the app. We can use this data to improve the app and see if something goes wrong. You can also decide if you want the app to auto-login when you open it. You can also reach our FAQs and more information on Fashion Cloud here. Clicking on one of those links also gets you to our live chat in case you have any questions. Lastly, you can log out of the app in the settings.

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