You would like to reorder for your retailer as a brand? Here you will find a manual for placing a reorder via our web platform.

1. Where can I find the order area?

Here you can login to our Fashion Cloud web platform. In addition to the content area, there you will also find the order area. Please note that the order area is only accessible for admins.

  • Once you have logged in, you will be able to access the ‘Reorder’ area via the main menu on the top.

  • ATTENTION: If you don’t see the new order area yet, reload your browser with a hard refresh.
    For Windows: Press CTRL and ⇧ Shift and click R.
    For Mac: Press ⌘ Command and ⇧ Shift and click R.

2. Choose a retailer

To start a new order, you must first select a retailer for whom you want to place your reorder.

  • To do this, enter the specific retailer name or address in the search box to select the retailer. Note that at least three letters must be entered in order to find a retailer.

  • Only retailers who have access to reorder for your brand will be shown here. If this is not yet the case, you can move to the access management to proactively release retailers for reorders. In the next step we will show you how this works.

3. Access management of your retailers

Before a retailer can receive an order from you, he must have requested access to it. This request will then have to be reviewed and accepted by you.

  • You can access the ‘Your Brands’ area via the main menu on the top. After you have selected your specific brand on the left, click the turquoise button ‘Access Control ‘ to find an overview of your access rights.

  • To find a particular retailer, you have the possibility to filter by name, date or search for them directly.

  • Ticking the box ‘Reorder‘ approves the retailer for reordering from your brand.

4. Placing an order

Now you can start the actual ordering process. Note that your products as well as the respective prices are only displayed after a retailer has been selected.

  • You can now browse through the assortment of the brand associated with your organization and add items to the shopping cart. To do this, enter the desired amount in the input field.

  • Before the order can be completed, a buyer or admin on the retailer side must be selected to receive an order summary.

  • Now the order can be triggered via the button ‘Add to cart’.

5. Order overview

Back on the article overview, you will find a list of your past reorders under the point ‘Order history’ in the upper left corner.

  • Simply, click the order you want to review to get all information about a specific reorder. These can be viewed at any time in the future.

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