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How to communicate Fashion Cloud
How to communicate Fashion Cloud

Go live and then?

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If you are live on Fashion Cloud:

For quick success with our products, it is important that your customers are informed about the cooperation with Fashion Cloud. The new, additional possibilities, the resulting advantages as well as application instructions should be presented here.

The activation of your customers can be divided into the following steps.

  1. Retailer joins Fashion Cloud

    1. Retailers must be invited to use the Fashion Cloud. They can register on the Fashion Cloud platform via or your personal landing page.

  2. Retailer settings

    1. Retailers need access to your brand(s). On the one hand, the retailer itself can submit an access request via the platform or you can enable the customer directly via the access management.

    2. The retailer needs to create his store(s) with GLN on Fashion Cloud.

    3. The retailer must create Clara Users to be able to use the Clara App on the sales floor.

  3. Retailer becomes active.

    1. The retailer has now met all the technical requirements to be able to download and/or order from you. So now the unlocked retailers need to become active.

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