What do I have to know about GLNs?

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The Global Location Number is a number from the GS1 system that enables the unique and non-overlapping identification of any type of location. It is assigned by the GS1 organizations and can be purchased there. If you have a GLN but don't know it, you can check it out at If you do not have your own GLN yet, enter "I do not have my own GLN and would like to use a Fashion Cloud GLN" when creating a store. Please inform all your brands about your FC GLN, should you choose this option.

  1. If you have booked an order product (Clara, Reorder, Preorder), you must save the GLNs of the retailers in your system. EDI-capable retailers have a GLN, which is usually already known to you. If a retailer does not yet have a GLN, we will provide him with a free FC GLN.

  2. A retailer creates the GLN when creating the shop(s) on Fashion Cloud. (Without the GLN, a retailer cannot place an order on the Fashion Cloud web platform or in the Clara App!)

  3. If the retailer has already created the shop(s) on Fashion Cloud at the time of the access request, you will be informed of the GLN in the access request by email. If the retailer already has access to your brand(s) and has subsequently created the branch(es), you will be informed of the GLN in a separate email.

  4. In the next step, check whether the GLN for the retailer stored with Fashion Cloud is saved with you. This must be added if necessary.

  5. Please enter the colleagues who are responsible for maintaining the customer data as recipients for the email notifications under the menu item “Your brands” and then “Edit brand”.

  6. Here you will find an overview of all GLNs that are stored on Fashion Cloud for retailers.

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