1. When you log in to Fashion Cloud, the first thing you see are the Fashion Cloud News. Here we regularly present which new brands are on Fashion Cloud and which have uploaded new marketing material or new product images.

  2. Under the menu item Brands, you will find all the information on the individual brands. Click on Access to find more details about access rights.

  3. You can access the brand profile, including the logo and a brief description of the brand, simply by clicking on the brand name or logo.

  4. The marketing material and the product data can be found under Content in the main menu. The menu item Product Images takes you to the product images and all brands to which you have access. The menu item Marketing Material takes you to their marketing material.

  5. In the Settings (small Gear wheel) under the item Team, you can invite other people to be added to your team. You can also delete user accounts that are no longer relevant.

  6. In the settings under the item Account, you can view and edit your company data and change your password and language. You can also view your API information here.

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